Consignment Procedures

General Consignment
Those who bring their treasures to South End Exchange can be sure the process will be handled with compassion and anonymity.   Our knowledge and experience allow us to price your items appropriately.  If necessary we research  antiques and collectibles to ensure your items are priced at market value.   In addition to antiques and collectibles we carry a large variety of  designer home furnishings.

Inventory usually sells quickly; however, if an item hasn’t sold in the first month, price is reduced 15% every 30 days for three months. You can, of course, pick up your item if you don’t want markdowns.

It is important to note that the consignor receives 50% of the selling price throughout the entire consignment process. If markdowns should occur, consignor will still receive 50% of the selling price.

We have a large volume of daily traffic, and many customers visit our store regularly. On weekends the store is usually full of out-of-towners, convention-goers, and families bringing guests.  Our website updated weekly to maximize sales.


We encourage all potential consignors to visit the store, meet us, and experience first hand what we’re all about.

For larger items  we will need to see a photo. Photos can be e-mailed to In some instances, it may be impossible to obtain photos or visit the store. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to respond to your email. If we accept your items, we will work together to make arrangements to receive them. If necessary, we have several moving companies or individuals we can recommend to assist you. For smaller items that fit in your car, you can bring them to us at your convenience. We will evaluate what you’ve brought, and you will receive a receipt for items we can sell for you.  We accept consignments on Tuesday – Friday 10-5 or Sundays 1-5  by appointment.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CONSIGNMENTS ON SATURDAYS


Everything for the home or garden – furniture, rugs, lighting (chandeliers, lamps, sconces, etc.), antiques, a wide variety of accessories, collectibles, artwork, paintings (prints accepted on a case by case basis), linens, architectural pieces, silver, and china.


Pressed wood furniture
Kitchen junk
Sleeper sofas
Floral sofas (must be current style/fabric)
Plastic lawn furniture
Florist vases
Country crafts
Sheets/towels (unless new in original packaging)
Record albums
Unframed prints/Some framed prints
Stuffed animals
Most luggage unless designer (Louis Vuitton, etc.)
Yard sale Junk
Most new baskets
Machine made rugs
Inexpensive wall art
Old radios
Sewing machines

CONSIGNOR PREPARATION: A Few Important Reminders

Accessories should be cleaned, polished and in working order.  Wall hangings, mirrors, paintings, etc, should have a wire hanger.

An important note regarding upholstery: We cannot accept any upholstered pieces that are not clean, in a current fabric, and in excellent condition. Also, we ask to see a photo and cushion before we commit to sell for you.

Rugs must be clean.

Furniture items must be in best possible condition. In some instances items can be sold “as is”, and we will be sure to inform customers of any repairs needed, etc.


We value our consignors, and want to make the consignment process easy and fun! Consignors are kept fully informed at all times, and staff is always available for questions or assistance.